Town of Mosheim, Greene County, Tennessee


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The Old Men and Their Flag

Town Flag    Little did these men know that their legacy and their patriotism would impact so many for so many years. As a 10 year member of the TMFD, I knew we always took care of this flag, but I never knew the story.

    For nearly 30 years "Old Glory" has been waving high atop a hill in Mosheim along Highway 11E. Lloyd Beach, Mark Higgins, Claude Coakley, H.M. "Doc" Higgins, DeWitt Thomas, Bob Ellenburg, and Don Fink wanted to do a little flag waving and to honor the memory of Robert Stethem, who was killed in Beirut. They purchased a pole from the old Mosheim Post Office, found the tallest hill they could find, dug a hole, set the pole, raised a flag and it has been flying ever since. So for the ones who drive through Mosheim and enjoy looking at "Old Glory" you can thank the " The Old Men's Club" who served and loved their country!

    The Firefighters will continue to maintain the flag that meant so much to you, it is a true honor to carry on your legacy.

Members of TMFD

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