Town of Mosheim, Greene County, Tennessee


Mosheim, TN

Mosheim Water Dept.

Twon Hall - Water Service Payments    The Town of Mosheim Water Department, located within the Town Hall. Applications for service are available at right or at the town hall. Several informational documents are available from the download listing at right. You can also make your water payments online.

    The Water Department Maintenance division is also housed within the town hall under the guidance of Jessie Lowery.   

    We have several downloadable documents available for your convenience at right and below . . . .  

  1. Utility Service Application - Apply for water/sewer service at your new residence
  2. General Information for Utility Customers - Info about rates, fees, and general info on utility service.
  3. Water Usage Information - Describes how much water is being used doing normal daily routine chores, showers, laundry, etc.
  4. Why is my Bill so High - How to check for leaks and how to determine how big a leak is by the read out on your meter.

    Current water projects include the installation of new AMR, (Automatic Meter Reads), Radio Readable meters which allow the water meter to be read via radio as the vehicle rides by  without having to stop and physically get out and copy the numbers down manually. 

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