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    Add your business to our Directory, any Mosheim area business qualifies. All entries are reviewed prior to being released to the site. Complete the Information below, check for correctness before you sent it to us, all the information is required to submit the form . . .

Business Information

Business Name; __________________________ - Required

Street Address: ___________________________ - Required

Address Line 2: ___________________________ - Optional

Mosheim, TN  37818 - or other Mail Address: City, ST Zip; __________________________________

Phone: __________________ - Required

Description: - Required ____________________________________________________________




Primary Category;  - Select One from each Category, Primary & Secondary
Automotive Dining & Restaurants  Health Care  Media Services 
Bar & Grill Financial Institution  Janitorial Services  Technology & Computer 
Convenience Shops  Hair Care  Retail Sales  Other Primary Category,
Specify Primary Other: ________________________________________________________________________
Secondary Category; - Select One from each Category, Primary & Secondary
Auto Body Shop  Beer Bar & Grill  Credit Union Grocery Store
Auto Repair Shop  Cafe Diet and Nutrition Health Center
Auto Sales  Clinic Fast Food Pizza Parlor
Bank  Collision Repair Full Service Restaurant Storage Buildings
Barber Shop  Computer Service Garage Doors Website Design
Beauty Shop  Convenience Store Gas Station  Other, Specify Below
Specify Secondary other: _________________________________________________________________ 


Submitter Information

    All information below is required for verification and/or any corrections that may arise. this information will not be displayed or shared with anyone, it will only be used to verify your Business Listing.

Submitters Name; ________________________, Submitters Name

Submitters Phone: ___________________, For verification

Submitters email: _________________________, Alternate Verification

Date: ___/____/________

    Remember, all submissions are reviewed prior to release on the website, we will notify you via email once it has been reviewed and released to the public. 

Mail completed Forms to;   Alternatively, Mail or bring to; 
Town of Mosheim Website
c/o Sound Trax Technologies
195 Pecan Ridge
Mosheim, TN 37818-3868
Or Mosheim Town Hall
1000 Main Street
Mosheim, TN 37818-4010
Or complete the form online at . . .

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