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August 2017:
Town of Mosheim Staff

Mosheim Town Hall - 1000 Main Street, Mosheim, TN

     This month we are changing things up a little bit. Normally we feature a privately owned business here, however this month we are going to pay a little homage to some folks who are always just there, doing their jobs day in and day out, rain or shine, hot, cold whatever. The only time anyone thinks about them is when something goes wrong and everybody is in a foul mood.

     Now this is wholly a decision made by the Web Hosting & Development company that maintains the Town of Mosheim's Web Sites. While we did clear it with town, it was entirely our desire to shine a little light on some folks who really try to stay out of the spotlight, they simply do their job, usually in the shadows and usually thanklessly.

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     Spring and Summer the roads need repairs, they need mowing, the parks have to be cleaned, mowed, maintained, bathrooms taken care of, trash cans emptied, fences repaired, trees trimmed. Winter time the roads need to be plowed/sprayed in foul weather, frozen water lines have to be thawed and fixed. Along with a host of other issues that most folks never think of; until something breaks or quits working.

Repairing a broken watermain, afterhours . . .      Mosheim has a very dedicated crew, who is nearly always on top of things. So much so that most folks do not even realize how much these folks do every day. And when something does go wrong, they are the ones who quietly go fix it while the rest of Mosheim goes about their day, oblivious to what has happened. Case in Point; State employees backed into fire hydrant while mowing along highway 11e breaking the water main at the corner of main street and 11e. State mower operators were in a hurry because it was almost quitting time, so they never even slowed down. The Lick Creek station staff was on the site with backhoe, shovels and replacement piping to patch the water main, afterhours. Most folks never even know the water main had been broken.

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Our Town's Staff

     These lists do not include, the Mayor, the Alderman or Planning board all of which spend many, many personal hours working to the betterment of our community

Water Dept, Street Dept,
    Parks & Recreation Dept.

  • Jessie Lowery:
  • Grade II Water Distribution System Operator,
  • Water Maintenance Supervisor, reads water meters, works on water leaks/lines,
  • Mows city streets, cuts trees/brush on city streets, ditching on city streets,
  • Maintenance at the Town’s Park, mowing/maintenance of Town’s property at Harmon's Cemetery,
  • Maintenance of all city street signs,
  • Spreading salt & plowing streets of snow/ice,
  • Chief of Town of Mosheim Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Steven Parman:
  • State Certified Backflow Technician,
  • reads water meters,
  • works on water leaks/lines,
  • mows city streets,
  • maintenance at the Town’s park, mowing of Town’s property at Harmon's Cemetery,
  • maintenance of Library, and all Town buildings,
  • Fireman for Town of Mosheim Volunteer Fire Dept.

     These 2 guys do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that needs to be done inside the City Limits of Mosheim. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day if needed.

Lick Creek Treatment Center/Sewer Dept.

  • Steve Holzerman:
  • Grade III Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator,
  • Grade I Collection Operator,
  • Maintenance on the Plant,
  • Maintenance on sewer lines and pump stations, and house pumps.
  • He also helps the Street Dept. with pushing/plowing snow (if needed)
  • David Holzerman:
  • Grade I Collection Operator,
  • Maintenance on the collection system (sewer pumps, sewer lines, pump stations).
  • He helps the Street Dept. with plowing snow (if needed)
  •  Fireman with the Town of Mosheim Fire Dept
  • Steve Campbell:
  • Town’s electrician: Works on the electrical issues of the sewer pump stations, house sewer pumps,
  • Electrical maintenance on the Town’s Buildings
  • Andrew Evans
  • Grade I Collection Trainee,
  • Maintenance on the collection system (sewer pumps, sewer lines, pump stations).
  • He helps the Street Dept. with plowing snow (if needed)
  • April Fuller:
  • Sewer Plant Lab Technician,
  • Flagging on sewer line repair sites if needed

Library Staff

  • Cindy Fink: Library Director
  • Denise Duck: Librarian
  • Trudy Gregg: Librarian

Town Hall Office

  • Kelle Lowery: Town Recorder, Water Bill clerk, permit research, Mosheim Town Records
  • Stephanie Wallin: Town Clerk
  • Beverly Myers: Coordinator of Meals on Wheels at Town Hall
  • Leslie Laws, Volunteer; Mosheim FunDays Chairperson, Organizes and plans the Mosheim FunDays events which is a huge undertaking in itself. Webmaster's note; "I know from personal experience how intensive it is working on festival committees in other regions. They can consume your entire life for months at a time."
  • Tommy Gregg: Town Mayor, Last in the list but definitely not least in service. He coordinates with our neighboring townships, with the Greene County agencies, the state of Tennessee agencies and when required the federal agencies on all Mosheim related projects. He also oversees all town projects.

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