Town of Mosheim, Greene County, Tennessee


Mosheim, TN

Library Expansion
     Shot 3/4/2016

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     The Mosheim Library is currently undergoing a long awaited expansion which will double the size and allow us to offer much more to our residents . . . 

Exterior completed, Almost ready for public
Exterior completed, Almost ready for public.

Interior completed, Carpet installed
Interior completed, Carpet installed.

    We will keep you informed of our progress as we go along. This is the exterior walls are up, and the trusses in place. Started on Monday August 31, 2015, these photos were taken on March 4, 2016. . . .

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Library Board

Board of Directors:
Tom Carpenter, Chairman
Alfred Taylor, Co-Chairman
Kristi Wallin
Charlene Jones
Yhona Jones
Brian Weems

Sandra (Cindy) Fink

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Library Expansion, Pg 1
Library Expansion, Pg 2
Library Expansion, Pg 3
Library Expansion, Pg 4
Library Expansion, Pg 5
Library Expansion, Pg 6
Library Expansion, Pg 7
Library Expansion, Pg 8
Library Expansion, Pg 9

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